A-Plus Writes A Letter To John Dumelo


Dear John Dumelo,

As a fan of actor and writer Charlie Day, I’ll like to share with you some lines from some of his speeches and interviews.

In one of his interview, he said, “If I was going to fall on my face, he’d do it chasing something I love”.

This is a very simple, but profound message because one cannot be successful without the fear of failure.

In 2014, when he took the stage at his alma mater, Merrimack College to deliver the commencement speech, he said, “I don’t think you should just do what makes you happy. Do what makes you great,” Day said. “Do what is uncomfortable and scary and hard but pays off in the long run. Let yourself fail. Fail, pick yourself up and fail again. Without that struggle, what is your success story anyway?”

My brother, you fought a good fight and I’m super proud of you. Don’t let the trolling discourage you. Those who have never failed are those who have never tried. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. There is an opportunity for every willing heart ❤ 🙏🏾.

I wish you all the best.


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