A Voice Crying in the Wilderness.


David Eduful is a Ghanaian Educationist, an author, a preacher and a sports analyst who is currently in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Due to the on going scandals surrounding Ghanaian political parties especially between the two major political parties in the country,that’s, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) respectively.

The Educationist has expressed his worries and troubling heart on the future of Ghanaian politics, however he has also urged Ghanaians to be willing to listen to policies that would be of great help and beneficial to the country and especially to the youth.

Ghanaians would go to the polls coming December 7, 2020 and the battle is obviously between the NDC and NPP.

Mr. David writes…

My beloved Ghanaian compatriots, you know me very well and my stance on Ghana and Africa.

I am not against constructive criticism of our leaders (or rulers as the case may be), after all, we should constantly hold them accountable for how they manage our common wealth.

However, we should be able to divorce personality or character assassination from developmental issues .

We are in 2020, so our politics should be based on issues: how do we take advantage of the information age; how do we maximize artificial intelligence to enhance our national security architecture, etc.

How do we create employment; how do we develop our indigenous technologies; how do we move the nation from a consuming nation to a producing one; how do we tap the endless ocean of Ghanaian brains in the diaspora and also at home for accelerated national development; how do we cut down on the cost of governance in Ghana; how do we improve on our education system to ensure that the products of this system are not just containers of facts but contributors of qualitative solutions to national challenges, etc.

These are the issues we should talk about going into the next polls, and not whether Nana Akuffo Addo is short or Mahama is tall and handsome! These are immaterial!

Let us listen to the manifestos of these parties to know how they want to go about the development of the nation as we go into the future; then we can vote for the party whose MESSAGE makes enough sense to us to warrant our votes.

This is how the developed economies of the world choose their leaders and reach incredible heights .

We can do the same. Let us stop all this popcorn politics which is full of attractive aroma but lacks substance!

Let us move Ghana from middle income to higher income level economy between 2020 and 2030. We can do it only if we do not allow NPP–NDC politics to tear the nation to shreds.

Any of these parties that does not bring out a message of how to clearly, scientifically and frugally move Ghana to the next level of development, but who only preaches violence and deception should be shown the proper Ghana way of dealing with such: vote them out!

Ghana must be better!



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