Check Out All 47 Singles By Shatta Wale In 2020


Song writer, Charles Nii Armah Mensah but popularly called by fans as Shatta Wale is known to be an artiste who can release more than 100 songs in a year.

Same can not be side in the year 2020 and this can be aligned to the novel pandemic Convid-19 that affected the whole world.

After compilation from the Shatta Movement camp, Shatta Wale had released forty – seven (47) singles in 2020.

Check the songs below.

√Akwele take

√Sleepless night



√Dweet dirty


√Save her heart


√Brutally honest

√Top speed

√Who tell you

√Kill and gone


√Fuck sars


√Future dollar

√Miss money


√April fool

√So long


√Sweet palava

√Apple juice

√Ama Rita

√Stars and space

√Your life

√Winning formula

√Different star


√Success tomorrow


√Little tips


√Star kool

√Ahodwo las vegas

√Realest thing

√Hajia bintu



√Trust No Telephone

√Dealer ( Power )

√Stay Kool

√Brain wire


√Instinct Road

√P.I.C ( Partner In Crime )

√Manacles of a Shatta(Ep)



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