I Helped Sarkodie, When He Was Nobody – Kwaw Kese


Ghanaian rapper, Kwaw kese has said that, there is a lot of things, he has done for Sarkordie yet he (Sarkodie) is giving him some bad attitide of late.

According to him, Sarkodie told him to see his manager, Angelo before he can gets to see him(Sarkodie) or discuss anything that has to do with business.

However, Kwaw Kese has lamented that, he has put Sarkodie on shows, took him to studios and also helped him even before he came out as Sarkodie.

“I even paid for his flight to Ghana after a show in abroad but now he want me to go through protocol before I speak to him” – he said.

“Why can’t Sarkodie show me same love back?” – Kwaw Kese asked.





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