I Wonder Why We Removed You -A-Plus Tells Mahama


Ghanaian politician, A – Plus has sent a heart-warming message to former President, John Mahama as he celebrated his 63rd birthday yesterday.

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“Happy birthday JM, I feel ashamed that we campaigned to remove you from power because akɔnfɛm flew to Burkina Faso and corruption, only to bring the “the mother serpent 🐍 of corruption” under whose watch 500 excavators vanished, over 400 aboboyaa vamoosed into thin air, 600.000 litres of fuel evaporated, a minister turned his office into a visa connection office, PPA boss accumulated over million Ghana cedis in two and half years.

Sometimes I sit down and wonder how we removed you because you had many ministers and accused you of running a family and friends government only to bring this sakawa man and his family government and many appointees like Keta School Boys.

Anyway, let me end it here.
Happy birthday” – he posted on his facebook wall.



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