Mzbel Sends A Message To Prof. Jane Naana Opoku


Dear Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang,

When Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his running mate; when he won the election, making her the first female VP of the USA, I was overjoyed. Because it is a development I have always anticipated.

Your naming was a breath of fresh air. It would be great to have you as the first female Vice President of Ghana. And you will do a fantastic job. No matter what happens tomorrow, we will always remember you as a pacesetter. The one who dared.

We will remember you as the one who got in held the door for us to come through.

Irrespective of the vitriolic jabs, you stood your ground. This is the beginning of history being kind to people of our gender. It is the beginning of a revolution, and we are here for it all.

Your words, ‘What really matters is not the first to be through the door, what matters is to hold that door open for those behind us’ will forever ring. It will forever remind me of my duty to those behind me.

Because of you, we too can.

All the best.


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