NABCO Contributes GH¢525,000. 00 To The National – Convid-19 Trust Fund


The Nation Builder Corps (NABCO) is a program initiated by the Akufo Addo led government in order to create employment for graduates.

The program is a three(3) year contract which comprises of seven(7) different modules.

There is the Educate Gh, Civic Gh, Feed Gh, Digitize Gh, Revenue Gh, Enterprise Gh and Heal Gh module.

The program seeks to solve graduate unemployment temporarily with over 100,000 trainees enrolled into the system.

The program started in 2018 and a trainee receives a stipend of Gh699. 25 from the government.

During the outbreak of Convid-19, messages were sent to trainees to help the government with an amount of Gh10. 00 as their Convid-19 contribution.

A total amount of Gh525,000.00 was made into the National Convid Trust Fund by NABCO Trainees as their contribution. Check out from the pictures.


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