Nana Addo Inaugurates Tree Crops Dev. Authority


Nana Addo has visited a factory in Kumasi which is being built for fruit processing. A six hundred (600) acre mango plantation  was also inspected by the president.

“Today we had a privilege of visiting the factory again as consultant to Ghana Eximbank funded #1D1F project with Ghana Eximbank staff”-he said.

“The factory is 90% complete with machines being installed. The good thing about this plant is that it’s a multipurpose processing plant and can process not less than 5 fruits and vegetables” – he added.

“Obviously the company owns the 600 acre mango farms. This might not even meet the capacity of the factory but it comes at an opportune time where mango farmers have been worried about offtaking of their produce” Nana Addo said.

The President used tge opportunity to inaugurates the Tree Crops Development Authority.

Mango is one of the value chains selected under the tree crops to diversify production and income to farmers and to also diversify the agro export base.

“Just adjacent the mango processing company is a jute processing company also at an advanced stage of completion. That is another story unfolding” – he opined.

Nana Addo continued that an Agri-impact Consult, an agribusiness consulting firm in Ghana and works across Africa is supporting Ghana Eximbank to provide monitoring and advisory services to all the 1D1F funded projects by the Bank.

“Government is also supporting the bank in the implementation of Greenhouses for youth entrepreneurs. Already we are providing consultancy services for potato processing companies. Agri-impact Consult is also the lead in AGRA funded Ghana industrial Cassava Project where over 40,000 farmers have been mobilised to supply cassava to Amantin Starch factory”-he stated.


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