Being an Educationist and a critical thinker, David Eduaful,who hails from Abura Dunkwa in the Central Region of Ghana, wonders how and why some Africans who commit unthinkable brouhaha and treat their fellow Africans with much disdain would travel to Europe and America to carry placards in the name of courting respect for the black people.

David’s wonderment about these groups of Africans was stirred during the aftermath of the gruesome murder of the African American, George Floyd, where the call for respect for black lives was reechoed by rights activists.

Due to this, David Eduaful writes..

Following the unfortunate cruelty that culminated in the gruesome murder of George Floyd on May 26,2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, the world has been inundated with calls for the preservation of the respect for and sacrosanctity of black lives across the globe.

The call has resulted in the English Premier League adopting a noble novel system where the inscription “Black Lives Matter” is printed at the back of all the jerseys of the 20 premiership teams.

Such a bold and praiseworthy initiative!

The call for justice for George Floyd, and indeed all black people in the West has seen groups carrying placards with various inscriptions asking the governments of these western nations to do more to protect black lives in their countries.

Of course I support all of that for the clarity of the message.

However, I become totally livid, with my adrenaline levels rising, whenever I see native Africans who have journeyed to America and the United Kingdom joining such calls for respect for and dignifying of black lives in the world.

These people, most of whom are native African politicians or their children or associates, commit heinous atrocities against their fellow countrymen back home, loot the treasury of these nations, and statch them in banks of these Western countries.

Back home in Africa, even in the same country: Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Libya, etc, tribal discriminations are sponsored by some of these people, sometimes with stolen money, for their individual inwardism(selfishness).

An Eastern Nigerian is not considered as “native’ in Western Nigeria; some South Africans loot, maim and kill other African nationals in their country claiming that those fellow Africans are taking over their businesses and by extension, their country.

In 1993, some Ghanaians in Cote D’Ivoire were subjected to such inhumane treatment like dipping them in boiling oil, physical assault, looting of their properties, raping the girls and women etc simply because Ghana’s Ashanti Kotoko had beaten ASEC Mimosas of Cote D’Ivoire in an Africa inter club competition over two legs.

In my native Ghana, there are also silent frictions among the tribes fuelled by political myopia and insentivity that sometimes lead to the destruction of lives and property.

The killing of fellow countrymen simply because they belong to the other side of the political divide is perpetuated by some of these Africans who then globe trot to America, and the UK, etc and then when they settle in these countries, they begin to scream and call for justice for the black man!

O! Where lies your conscience you native African that steals,loots, embezzles, and sponsors terror against your own kit and kin?

Hippocrates ! Drop the placards in America, UK and elsewhere ! Come back home, return the loot, apologise to the people whom you have so impoverished by your unpatriotic dealings; do justice at home if you ever want to join sane people in their noble call for respect for black lives!

You cannot commit such wickedness against your own people in Africa and then jet to Europe and America to campaign for respect for black lives!.


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