Taxes On Mobile Mobile Is Not Good – Bawumia


The Vice president of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has said he does not think Mobile Money should be taxed beyond the corporate taxes the telcos already pay on their mobile money earning.

“I don’t think Mobile Money should be taxed because most of the people who use the service are poor people so if you put more taxes on it they will suffer,” he stated

However, the Minister of Communication, Madam Ursurla Owusu Ekuful has a contrary view to this as she has been campaigning for a special tax to be placed on the one percent service charge telcos put on mobile money.

According to her, government’s real time audit of the telcos’ revenue flow indicates the telcos were making GHS71 million a month from Mobile Money service charges alone, and she strongly believes that money should be taxed.

However, the Finance Minister, who is in charge of revenue collection, and the Vice President, who is the Chair of the government’s Economic Management Team, completely disagree with her.

What’s more, the Vice President completely agrees with the popular position that placing another tax on MoMo earnings of telcos will eventually affect the consumer because telcos are already paying corporate and other taxes on all their revenue lines monitored in real time by the government.



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