The Black – White DICHOTOMY


Being an Educationist and a write, David Eduaful tends to linger here and there trying to find answers as to why human beings behave in certain ways against their fellow particularly racists.

Not long ago, a policeman killed a black American, George Floyd in United States eventhough, the deceased pleaded for mercy, it only proved futile.

In the light of this, the writer questions the way some human beings think, act and how they do their things.

The Educationist asks:

I have just been thinking: is there any human been (homo sapien) as white as this trouser I am wearing now, or any man as black as the lower part of this shirt I am putting on now?.

I have walked and worked with people from different continents over the years: Americans, Canadians, Britons, Indians, and of course Africans. Yet I’ve never met one person that is as white as the trousers I am putting on now, or a man as black as this shirt I am wearing.

Yes, we may and do have variations in our skin pigmentations, BUT there is no one that is as White as the colour white or as Black as the colour black.

There is nothing therefore like White man or Blackman but we all are HUMAN BEINGS.

We need to wisely accept this fact and forever burry the very ignoble and nauseating notion of White-Black supremacy dichotomy.

The so called White is NOT a superior Human Being to the so called Black and vice versa!.

We all are made to tend the earth and make it a better place for the fulfillment of the purpose of God Almighty for the creation of man.

The people from Greenland are not green in colour. We are all simply HUMAN BEINGS!.

Meanwhile, have the apes suddenly stopped becoming homo sapiens? Evolution!




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