The Street Taught Me How To Survive-Shatta Wale


During an interview session on YFM, Shatta Wale revealed that, there was confusion in his home, when he told his dad of being an artist.

“My dad didn’t want me to do music and that brought confusion in the house” – he stated.

“So on one occasion, I left home into the street and the street taught me how to survive and through that i found myself” – added.

He added that, he was not stubborn during his days at school but he always wanted things to be done his way.

“At Winneba Secondary School, I didn’t go to class because the subject was plenty to me.

I used to fail subjects because i didn’t copy others work to excel in class. I failed, learned and return better to class.

I was known as doggy in school” – Shatta said.

He continued that, he wanted to become a pilot or a lawyer but he couldn’t achieve his aim due to a broken home.

When asked about his toughest time, Shatta narrated “My toughest time was when I met a jamaican lady and we went out and had an affair.

The lady’s dad got angry and invited the police over. But through it all, I was set Free from police cell.

On the day of my release, I told myself I need to focus. And that was A turning point in my life”.

“I Was Part Of Maame Dokonu’s Program ” By The Fire Side” – he said.

“I grew up in Laterbiorkoshie.

We moved from place to place due to hardship on my Dad’s side” – Wale noted.

“I also stayed at Agege 205 & Korlegono

I grew up seeing a dad serious with his work.

I didn’t grow up in a compound house. I grew up not a hustler – he described his living.











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